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Our Services
Our sweet spot is PR and social media, which aligns with our Founder's combined journalism and agency background allowing Change Agent to serve as a partner on many levels, which proves invaluable to today’s communications professionals. We hail from and understand the media side, which helps our PR clients focus and trust our expertise. 

Our primary goal is to help you connect with and engage your target audiences in ways that drive a desired action. 


Together, we’ll find solutions to communications and marketing challenges, harness consumer habits and seize growth, in a world where CHANGE is the new norm.








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Now Look Inward

Now Look Inward is a challenge to Corporate America to sweep around its own front door, get it’s house in order and make Black voices and contributions matter inside their organizations. Raising consciousness is a path forward and practicing what you preach is a must. It’s time to do the real work.


Let us help. 


This isn’t corporate training.


Now Look Inward places emphasis on enlightenment, uncovering and unmasking. 


We help organizations look into the roots of the experiences of People of color, seek to understand them and move toward internal change.     


You have to do the work. 

Packaged Services

Build your own PR

Budgets may be decreasing and staff may be dwindling but the need for PR and communications is not. Change Agent Communications offers single service and one-time engagements for select organizations through our BYOPR service. This is helpful for those in need of media lists, press release development, one-off crisis engagements, media training on temporary social media community management.  

Pinpoint Your Pitch


If you want to get noticed in today’s fast-moving, ever-evolving, influencer-heavy media environment, you need a fresh approach to PR—and ideas that POP.

Change Agent Communications will help you think beyond simply pitching your product or service to an aging list of media outlets. Instead, we’ll activate a framework that captures your relevance, elevates your approach and positions you for future success.

The Social Rewind


Reconstruct your social media strategy with a Social Rewind from Change Agent Communications.

If your social media content is stagnant and stale, your editorial calendar is running on autopilot and engagement is at an all-time low, This is the package for you. Stop allowing PR and social to operate as distant cousins and get them aligned  for optimal results.

Whether you’re at a loss for new ideas, have lost your distinct brand voice across multiple channels or have simply lost your way and continue to lose steam, now is the time to revamp, renew, recast and rewind!

Content Amplification System


Whether you have too much content, or not enough - developing a system for amplifying that content will give you perspective and a smart path forward.


Our new content amplification system includes four key components for success and a method to help you get your content house in order.