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Social Media Strategy Boot Camp

A Change Agent Communications 

Training Workshop

Designed to Help Business Owners, Communications and Marketing Professionals Rethink and Re-imagine

How They Engage Across Social Media

Come prepared to be enlightened and put in the work. 

We’ll give you the foundation to... 

Revamp or build your company’s strategy from scratch   
Be more thoughtful and deliberate with content and engagement 
Focus on what matters most and act accordingly 
Develop systems and processes including a content amplification system
Effectively engage with target audiences 
Gain a better understanding of algorithms and organic reach 
Stop trying to be all things to all people and create or fine-tune a social media strategy that yields impact and results. 

This is not a social media marketing boot camp. 

It’s a social media strategy boot camp. 

In the social media strategy boot camp, you’ll: 
  • Develop social media goals that actually align with business goals 
  • Determine your intent for each channel 
  • Make hard but smart decisions about how you’ll participate going forward 
  • Learn to measure what really matters

Ready to invest in the

Social Media Strategy Boot Camp?

This $399, two-hour training session is taught by a proven strategic communications expert who actually wrote the book on community engagement and built award-winning social media teams within agencies.


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